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    Is bj sex ok
    An_251483 posted:
    I have a guy friend for 11 yrs. now and he wants bj all the time but now he insisted I swallow it and I cant it makes me throw up, also he as in large prostate and takes meds for it ,he is just a 1 yr. and 13 days older than I am. He keeps insisting its all in my head and its really healthy but I just can't bring myself to this level, is this wrong of me to feel this way.? Also when this happens he tries to fix me up with friends and stuff .
    georgiagail responded:
    Assuming this fellow does not have an STD (some can be passed via oral sex) doing this is not an unsafe process for you..


    Someone who both INSISTS that you swallow when it makes you throw up and tries to "fix" you up with friends (I'm assuming this involves something sexual) is neither a "friend" nor much of a partner. He's a pimp and a pig. Something is very wrong with this relationship.

    Leave this fellow to his large prostate and his meds and find someone who treats you better.

    dfromspencer responded:
    This is no FRIEND!!! Anyone who insists you swallow something you cannot, is just a A-hole!!! If you can't, DON"T!!!

    Also, if this guy sets you up with other guys, he is nothing but a pimp, and he is making you out as a whore.


    YOU deserve to be loved, and respected!!! This guy is doing neither!!!

    An_249666 responded:
    yeah girls take a long look at yourself
    koltov responded:
    I'm a guy and while that would be nice, I would never *expect* a woman to let me ejaculate in her mouth or swallow. That's just not being a good partner!!! The guy is not being reasonable or considerate. I once ejaculated in my wife's mouth not realizing she didn't want me to, early in my marriage. She ran to the bathroom...I never did that again to her.

    There's nothing wrong with you at all
    rhondamay replied to georgiagail's response:
    It is not wrong for you to feel the way you do. If I were you I would let this clown know that if in the unlikely event I did agree to give him a BJ that I could in no way guarantee the safety of his boy parts.
    21finish responded:
    I'm a guy also. They guy you are discussing (hard to say he is a friend) needs to go roll in the mud with someone else - probably just himself. Don't feel you have too time invested with this guy or you would feel guilty telling him to take a hike. LOSE HIM! Move on to someone who will like you and love you and respect you.
    ontbear responded:
    An_251483: Hi gal, this guy is not a "boy friend"; he a user. It sounds, from what you said or did not say, that is 'his' sex. I would find someone that meets you as equal.
    Pullout_baby42 responded:
    So not only is he a friend but he also prepares a home cooked meal for you which you take for granted? How would you like it if you bought him a new t shirt and he threw it away in front of you? Young lady you must remember that there is no such thing as cant, only won't and you're refusal to accept his yummy morsel of nutrition is exactly why you have failed as a concubine. Practice makes perfect and this Dr is prescribing 2 ordinary bjs a day and one blumpkin, all swallows, until you get over your inability to finish the job. Hope this helps dear and peace be with you in your coming days.
    dfromspencer replied to Pullout_baby42's response:
    I'm seriously hoping that you were just joking?

    Three b.j.'s a day, and a blumpkin, all swallows???

    She said she cannot swallow this fluid, yet you tell her she must? Wrong!!!

    Not accepting his "yummy morsel", is what makes her a failed concubine??? Say what??? She said he was a friend, not her master. Wrong, again!!!

    You must be an accomplished concubine, to give out that kind of advice???
    Pullout_baby42 replied to dfromspencer's response:
    No D from spencer (if that is your real name), I am not an accomplished concubine, I have merely kept a stable of them for years. Without knowing a back ground medical history on the patient in question it is possible to consider the fact that perhaps she is diabetic, thus swallowing could be beneficial for regulating blood sugar as well as much less messy. The "tasty morsel" in question actually contains nutritional properties and I for one am offended if my home cooking goes unsavored. Swallowing not only is completely healthy but it is also "going green" as the kids call it due to the lack of wasted facial tissue and or paper towels. Look at the big picture my friend. Practice makes perfect and I believe the prescription I offered has the potential to get this young lady where she needs to be unlike your advice which was merely insulting me for offering my suggestion per request of the lovely young girl asking on a forum. Best of luck in getting over your condition young lady and may your future hold many a satisfied customer.
    dfromspencer replied to Pullout_baby42's response:
    Wow, I never in my wildest imagination, ever even thought someone would give advice like that, and then stand by it? She said she did not like it, what part of that, did you miss??? Just because you like it, does not mean everyone should!!! Nutritional properties aside, if she can't, and don't like it, why should she?

    I fail to see how I insulted you??? I merely said that, what you wanted her to do, is not what she wanted to do, therefore, the "Wrong" I put down there. How is that insulting you? Touchy, are we???

    Oh, and going green, she could spit it out on the ground, or in the stool, and flush next time its used. That way, it wouldn't be wasting water, either!


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