Fisting and periods
Anon_482 posted:
Has it ever sent you into early periods? We have been doing it for almost a year now and sense then my periods have been very frequent. I was having them every other week for several months and then for a couple months it went to more normal and now it started back to every other week again. I got tested for everything from blood tests to ultrasounds and everything was totally normal except for my period being irregular. It doesn't start every time we do it (which is quite often anymore) but starting to wander if it might be the cause.
elle0317 responded:
No, it's not from the fisting. Have you tried BC pills to help regulate your periods?
jlbelknap35 replied to elle0317's response:
Oddly after posting this I just remembered I did have to go on birth control pills to regulate and restart my system and I am thinking they are just starting to clear out of my system and starting to be how I was. I'll probably be going back to the dr soon and demanding a referral to a Gyno sense he has done everything else a general dr can do. I don't wanna deal with bc pills to much if I don't have to cause they mess with me and it took a extremly high hormon birth control to stop this last time and even the pharmacist said it wasn't good for me to be on that high at my age and its usually for menaposal women. I'm hoping I can finally get an ablation and not have to worry bout periods all together.
elle0317 replied to jlbelknap35's response:
Yes, if this issue is not resolved with the BC pills, please see a Gynecologist.