Intimacy issue w/ sex anxiety
An_251523 posted:
Intimacy and the fear of sex and relationship turns in to a sexless end.

I have had this issue for a good part of my life, and now just now facing up to the issue.

I have had a ton of great women coming into my life and exit as my intimacy level will not allow me to have a good relationship with them.

Also what seams to happen after a month I start feeling anxiety over having sex with them. I all of a sudden cannot perform or even want to. All this ends with me not even able to masturbating till the end of the relationship is in plain sight.

Bummer for me I have missed some great relationships and allot of sex with great partners. It seams when I drink I losen up enough to express feelings and in a very rare instance sex. I can be distant or open depending on the day.

When I am in between relationships I feel free and happier, but miss the comfort and playfulness of a partner plus I think about sex a fair amount.

I am very out going and a bit naughty by nature which my girlfriends love about me, but when the anxiety sets in it kills the relationship.