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    An_246781 posted:
    Okay, I don't know where else to turn to. I've had unprotected sex twice over the past going on three months. Both times, we used both a condom and the method of pulling out. SO AS FAR AS I KNOW, I'VE NEVER CAME INTO CONTACT WITH HIS SPERM. He didn't even release anywhere near my body. (same thing he did the first time) (he even washed off with soap and water before our second attempt the for both times and all that. After intercourse (the second time, a month or so after the first time) like two days later, I bled for about a day and a half (however, during that time, my period had just ended about a week and a half ago). Now, I have no period, can I be pregnant? What are really the chances? Also, is there anything I can do?
    sluggo45692 responded:
    From what you have described, you can't be pregnant. To be a little more clear, unprotected sex is sex without any form of birth control, skin to skin with ejaculation or pre-cum in your vagina. A condom (intact) and pulling out with no contact with sperm is protected sex. If the condom broke, you may be exposed to his sperm. As for periods, I have never met a woman who was always on time, every time. To ease your mind, a cheap pregnacy test will tell after about 2 weeks if your pregnant. I hope this helps.
    An_246781 replied to sluggo45692's response:
    Some of the intercourse was unprotected. No barrier/condom, he just pulled out. But I didn't come into contact with ejaculatory fluids. But I may have came into contact with pre-cum.
    elle0317 replied to An_246781's response:
    Pre-cum usually does not carry any sperm.
    elle0317 replied to elle0317's response:
    Should clarify: pre-cum does not inherently have sperm in it. If however, he had sperm left over in his tubes that carry the sperm and gets aroused again, then there may be sperm in the pre-cum. This may happen where he either masturbated or had sex, did not pee to flush out the sperm and then was aroused again. Does that make sense?

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