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Erection without climax
GSMort posted:
My husband and I are both 57 and have been married for 38 years, Over the years our sex life has had it's ups and downs but in the last 5 years or so has been amazing. However in the last few weeks my husband has been unable to reach climax. He has no problem getting an erection just in ejaculation. He has gone as far as faking it for my benefit, but I know. Is this an age problem? Health problem? Please help, I am no where near ready to give up sex.
GSMort responded:
I forgot to mention. My husband has no diagnosed medical or emotional issues. He takes no medications at all, drinks alcohol in moderation eats very healthy and is in good physical shape.
queston responded:
I don't think this is necessarily unusual. It's certainly typical for it to take longer for men to reach orgasm as they age. I'm a little younger than your husband (49), but I've definitely noticed this. I was always a little quicker than I wanted to be in my younger years, so I consider it a feature, not a bug.

I've never not been able to reach orgasm during intercourse, but I have had to give up without finishing a few times during masturbation.

It's possible that you may be able to get him there more reliably with oral and/or manual stimulation than with just intercourse.
stevesmw responded:
He shouldn't be trying to fake it. As long as he enjoys intercourse, not orgasming has it's advantages. As men get older the length of time from orgasm to erection increases. No orgasm, quicker erection for the next go round.

The opposite of this is orgasming too quickly and a man will be frustrated by the lack of control. The best time for me when I was able to have a lot of near orgasms, so a real orgasm, was (no pun intended) anticlimactic.

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