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Penis Allergy to Vaginal Fluids Neturailty VS Acidity
An_251859 posted:
I'm responding to a post that was strarted about 3 years ago. But I came across in my search for answers. My biyfriend and I haven't had sex in three months because he breaks out in blisters and rashes after having sex with me. I was married for 11 years and he never ever experienced this when we had intercourse.
My boyfriends says that my "girl Fluids" are to acidic for his senstive skin to handle.
He explained that a girls fluids are naturally acidic because of the laws of conception back in the cave day's a women would have multiple partners in a span of hours and the a man's sperm is netural so only the strongest male's sprem was sucess against the scidity content of the woman.
I asked him if there was anything I could do so it didn't hurt him so badly. He said that there's nothing that can stop it from happening some men's skin is a lot more senstice then others and the females aciticy level is stronger and more poten then the guys skin can handle.
Makes sense to me so remian not having sex and I continue to research anything on the issue because I'll be damned if we're not having sex after again the man is huge!
georgiagail responded:
And your partner knows how the cavemen made whoopie back

Have you two ever consider using a condom so his ever so delicate Willie doesn't get burned?

ashtondk89 responded:
Actually you can try a probiotic to level out some acids
georgiagail replied to ashtondk89's response:
The normal pH of the vagina is 3.8 to 4.5. This is considered to be SLIGHTLY acidic. It is important to understand that the vagina contains both bactera and yeast, normally in small amounts and this environment keeps both in check.

Changing the pH will allow one or the other (or both) to increase in number, increasing the risks of both yeast and bacterial infections. Not a smart move.

However, taking probiotics by mouth will do absolutely nothing to change the pH of the vaginal tract.


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