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Would I be hurting her feelings ?
lovemyladyalways posted:
Well to start this I have to begin by saying that I am not that well
equipped anymore since bladder cancer. I have written before and received great help in learning to satisfy my dear wife orally.
Here is the funny part or serious part depending on the responces.
Well at least once a month a prepare a superb, complete body
massage with nice scented light sesame oil to get my sweetheart
all prepared for the oral love-making I will do to her, which she loves completely ( Thanks again to the great advise ) but for the past four times when I proceed with loving her honeypot she inadvertally lets
a little gas pass, probably because her sense of excitement is else-
where. So my question is would I hurt her feelings if I wanted her to
have a butt plug in place or am I making a mountain out of a molehill?
Is it possible to not know one is not doing that while being excited.
If she decided to have me place a plug there would it hurt her or
change the arousing feelings that I am giving her. Some might ask l
me if her little pass of gas is affecting me, I would have to be honest
and say yes. Is it probably too much of the massage oil that relaxes
her ? I do give a total body rub down from neck to toe which my wife
loves. I do not want her to shy away from me if she gets embarassed
I know everyone passes gas but at that moment I dont want her to feel
consious about it when I want to make love to her. Any suggestions
or just grin and bear it so to speak !!!!
lovemyladyalways responded:
Sorry I hit the send button twice.
HoneydewGlow responded:
Well, it depends on the woman.

Physically, it can be very, very unpleasant, to the point of leeching the enjoyment out of sex, when anyone, male or female, has to hold in gas, especially when there's an actual cork in it.

I recommend talking to her about it in a situation very far removed from sex, and approaching it by perhaps asking her to get rid of it before the massage/oral sessions, or by conceding to her getting up to go to the bathroom when she has to do it. I definitely do not recommend a butt plug. It will make her bloat and feel altogether uncomfortable if she has it in there for any length of time for that purpose.

Hope that helped.

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