Trying to insert a tampon with Vaginismus condition
An_252175 posted:
Hey there,

So I've been married for over a year now, but we have not been able to consume our marriage yet.

I went to see a doctor and was told that I have Vaginismus. I bought a self-help book and a set of dilators.

The first step is to insert a tampon in my vagina. These are the issues I am having:
1. I can only insert half of the tampon in. It seems that there is no more space in my vagina for the tampon to keep going in. Why is this happening? I must be past my PC muscles by then, which means that there should not be any other obstructions, right?
2. The tip of the plastic tampon applicator is very hurtful to me. The teeth-like tip gets "squished" inside my vagina and I start feeling sharp pains as soon as I start inserting the tampon. I am nervous that it might hurt my vagina wall. Am I the only one with this problem? What can I do about it?

bpcookie responded:
Hello, no, you are not the only one. There are many many women who have this. There is something called vaginal physical therapy. They can help you learn how to relax your vagina muscles. Ask your gyno to refer you to someone. Also I have a support board for women who have vulva and vaginal pain and those who have pain during sex. Its called Vulva and Vagina Pain Support Group, its a Webmd member created community. You are welcomed to join it. The board is kinda quiet, most ppl join in order to tell thier story, ask questions and wanting answers and then they kinda dissapear. But you are still join if you would like. Support is a must when you have something like this.
If you suffer from vulva and/or vagina pain, please join my support community called Vulva and Vagina Pain Support Group.