Why I can't stay hard when I am having sex
juicyhips posted:
My wife and I have good foreplay, however, when it comes to the intercourse part it don't take long for her to get a organism. After 10 minutes I get and can't get my penis back up. She is pleased and I not, and this happen quite often what should I do.
RobertPatrick responded:
think you are finding it hard to maintain orgasm and erection. You need to improve your sex drive. First you improve your sex drive, after that you can focus on improving erection quality. First eat food which would help you to get better sex drive and after that i would say use herbal remedies. I had same problem, it was hard for me to stay erect. I did workout, balance and libido enhancing food and also i took some herbal remedies. I think this would sure help you.