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Kind of raw down there. What can I use??
ShelboDee posted:
So a few days ago my boyfriend was using his fingers on me pretty roughly. I was lubricated myself but he was down there for a while so I imagine I started to dry out a little bit. Basically now I'm sore. Haven't had sex since then either. When urine touches the area it stings, and if I'm just relaxing it will start stinging and itching. I basically haven't had any relief. I looked at it in the mirror and its kind of red and swollen. It looks like I was rubbed raw.

What creams can I use to put on the sore area?? I was scared it was a yeast infection at first but I really think he was just too rough with his fingers and we had no lube. So is there any topical creams that can help this heal faster or give me some kind of relief? Thanks for the time
georgiagail responded:
Only time will help. Topical creams won't help you heal faster, although some with a topical anesthetic will make you more comfortable. Even using OTC hemorrhoidal creams (i.e., Preparation H type products) which have a slight deadening agent will make you more comfortable.

stevesmw responded:
I can't contribute much to dealing with your problem now.

I can recommend what do to in the future. Plenty of lubricant and clean hands. I was also sent off to have a manicure.

If he is being too rough let him know. Tell him what makes you feel good
IceCreamLover replied to stevesmw's response:
Sex is about pleasure for both of you. If you and when you feel uncomfortable tell him/her about the problem. Now you say you are raw down there, i suggest you use KY its a lubricant that you can use even with condoms, although i recomend you read the instructions correctly. You can buy it at walgreens,walmart,target. There are also different sensations like warming liquid which getts the situation It is somewhat expensive I bought a 1oz bottle and it cost me like $8 but then again i did buy it at walgreens which explains the high price. anyway good luck.

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