can someone put an online porn profile without you knowing it?
blondlawman posted:
I just called off my engagement because my fiancee used a site called up for which is a porn hook up site with naked girls in your area who want to have sex. I kicked him out because I was so upset.

He swears he did not go in and do a profile. I'm really not buying it but maybe someone else has had this experience where someone went in and did a profile without you knowing it. If I'm wrong I will admit it but I don't know how you can access your age, address, email, looks etc, it had no picture and no information except his hair color. I don't know what to think..looking for help...
elle0317 responded:
No, the user has to create a profile. You already know he used the site. Good call on calling off the engagement.
dfromspencer responded:
Anytime you apply to those site, you have to create some kind of profile. If you put only hair color on there, how many replies would you expect? Zero, would be my guess?

I think you made the right decision? If he is doing it now, he will into the future, also.

Good luck!!!

Tryingtomakeitwork responded:
If he had a profile on a sex site it is because he made it himself. ANY sex sites will let you look but in order to have a profile and get things sent to your email is to actually make a profile. Most of them you cant talk to woman or video with them unless you pay for a membership but you can receive emails and their are still ways for them to contact people on there without a membership.
If he says he didn't create a profile hes a lying a##hole and you should have kicked him out