Could i be Pregnant!?
An_252847 posted:
Me and my boyfriend are 17, last night we were getting quite sexual, he was giving himself a handjob, while he was fingering me,but then he swapped hands, so the hand he was using to give himself a handjob with was then used to finger me, i dunno if he pre-cummed, but i know he didnt fully ejaculate,but is it possible i could be pregnant?
georgiagail responded:

deepluv23 responded:
No is not possible without intercourse. But don't go with the hand job also because in age of 17 if you make your mind that you get fun with hand job then you never like intercourse with men that is also not good for yours health also.
elle0317 replied to deepluv23's response:
What!?! The OP is a girl, she can do hand jobs galore and still be interested in intercourse. Why would it not be good for her health? How in the world could giving hand jobs be 'not good for her health'? What are the risks you speak of?