When i swallow semen it makes me feel high
An_252990 posted:
everytime i swallowed my boyfriends semen it made me feel like high and ditsy.
im not a smoker and same goes for my boyfriend.
what is going on?
rustynail53 responded:
Is it only your boyfriend semen that makes you feel this way? Anyone else's? If not, is you boyfriend using drugs?
WineMaker responded:
I'm not doctor but I'm guessing your body is responding to Oxycontin. It's a naturally occurring "love hormone" that is found in semen. There were some studies done that suggested that semen may help battle depression. It could also just be that you enjoy the experience, like an orgasm, with someone you love and your brain is responding to that with those good mood thoughts. Enjoy it.
georgiagail replied to WineMaker's response:
Yep;you're no doctor.

You're mistaking Oxytocin for Oxycontin:


The only way Oxycontin is in semen is through ingestion of this drug.

oldbiguy replied to WineMaker's response:
After I swallow semen I feel very good - like you feel when you did a job well.