Do I do have sex with my partner's partners?
An_253239 posted:
Having several partners or a partner who has had several partners increases the risk of cervical cancer. Also, having multiple partners at the same time (or apart) increases the risk of STDs. So, when I have sex with my partner, am I having sex with all the partners he's had? Myth, fact? It's kind of grossing me out to think it's a fact, but I'd rather know so, I can make an informed decision. (FYI, I've only had one partner, he's had 5 before me and he was tested. No diseases.)

References to sources would be much appreciated.

georgiagail responded:
If he's been tested for ALL STD's, it doesn't matter how many partners he's had before you. None of them passed an STD onto him (or perhaps they did and he's been effectively treated) and thus he has nothing to pass on to your during unprotected sexual contact.

The issue specifically dealing with cervical cancer is the with the virus HPV; unfortunately, there is no test for this virus for males.