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Vaginal fluid allergy?
haneyj830 posted:
I have done a little research on this topic and now I want to ask opinions on my situation specifically to see how they compare.

My symptoms include a red rash with bumps, not just red skin and severe itching where my pubic hair grows, and some on my testicles and penis. It is a rash, I just am not sure what is causing it. There are no whiteheads and I have ruled out most STDs.

I get it after I have sex with my girlfriend. At first I thought it was just friction and I had recently shaved but there have been other peculiarities that make me doubt this diagnosis. If I shower or wash directly after sex then I rarely get the rash, I would say never but I honestly can't remember every instance. Nothing out of the ordinary happens while we have sex, no burning or anything like that. Although it should be noted that we have sex for hours at a time so I could see how that would definitely make it worse. It usually takes about 5-7 days of me keeping it clean and dry before it heals up. I have tried cream but I find the moisture from the cream probably makes it worse because the cream has never helped.

I have only gotten this type of rash in one other situation before and it was on a 9-hour motorcycle ride where I was stuck in the rain and cold for prolonged periods of times. Don't ask.

It happens most often not when I am freshly shaven and not if my hair is longer and softer, but in the middle. So maybe the stubble is irritating my skin? After typing all of this information on this post I am convincing myself it is just a heat/friction rash but I want other's opinions. I would like to note that I do go down on here and use my hands and nothing pops up in those areas and I would think that it would if I was allergic.

Hopefully I was thorough enough and not too scattered with my thoughts, thanks for the help.

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