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Accidentally used sunscreen as lubricant
An_253508 posted:
Well, this is embarrassing. I was traveling and in the heat of the moment and darkness, grabbed the wrong bottle in my travel bag and liberally used high SPF sunscreen as lubricant. The sunscreen is deep in my vagina. I am experiencing burning, but I am more concerned about long term effects or serious consequences for my accident. I can't go to my GYN until 3 weeks so I don't know what to do the meantime. I've read about not using douches because it sends stuff further into the cervix. I'm terrified, please help!

fcl responded:
Well, it could have been worse - you could have grabbed a bottle of Nair ...

I seriously doubt there will be any long-term consequences (if you can use sunscreen on your face it's unlikely to cause damage to skin). Your vagina simply reacted to a product that is stronger than it is accustomed to coming in contact with.

You're right not to douche. The burning will stop on its own (and your vagina will clean itself as it usually does). At best, you can rinse the outside with plain water. Have you considered consulting your family doctor about this just to set youir mind at rest? You may not need to see a gyn.
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
An_253508 replied to fcl's response:
Yes, I've reached out to my PCP and they won't discuss anything without being seen. I am traveling for work. I went to an urgent care and they referred me to a Gyn, which won't see me for three weeks.

Thanks for your response, appreciate the help
sluggo45692 replied to An_253508's response:
Look at the ingredients. Most of your sunscreens are mineral oil based. FCL is right. Your body will cleanse itself. The only real concern is secondary infections. The changing of pH may cause a yeast infection. Wear a pad and let the body cleanse itself. Remember, even in the throws of passion, take time and look at the bottle. If it had been something with witch hazel or a cream like icy hot. OUCH. It would have stopped you dead in your tracks. Then you may have had to been treated for chemical burns. Hope your feeling better. Good Luck

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