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Anal sex mishap.
An_253545 posted:
About two days ago my boyfriend and I tried anal sex. All was fine until afterwards we realized there was some fecal matter involved and we had gone from anal to vaginal. I washed myself and then in a bit of panic used a vinegar douche. So far no symptoms of anything other than the stress I'm causing myself worrying about what could be. I'm familiar with symptoms of the various vaginal infections but as a precaution I'm planning on using Azo pills, drinking cranberry juice, as well as making sure I drink plenty of kefir (probiotic yogurt drink).

This ridiculously irresponsible mishap will not happen again, but my main question is about how many days would it take for an infection to be present? Are there any other methods I could do in the mean time to try to prevent infection? As I am already unfortunately very familiar with the various vaginal infections (bv, yeast, uti), are there any other symptoms I should watch for? My obgyn is very good with getting me prescriptions over the phone, should I ask for one as a precaution? Thank you in advance for any help or advice on this matter.
sluggo45692 responded:
1-4 days you should show symptoms. You have done all the right things to prevent an infection. If no burning, discharge or abnormal signs, I think your safe. I hope this doesn't put you off of anal sex. If you search in this community you will find anal to vaginal questions being answered. Tell your bf to slow down and don't switch after going to the backdoor. Relax and take a breath. I know a UTI is painful and annoying, but you will get over it if it happens. Don't use a prescription unless you need it. Good Luck.
elle0317 replied to sluggo45692's response:
I agree with all of what Sluggo said, you did everything correctly, except for the douching! Never, ever douche, you potentially forced the bacteria farther up your vagina and into your cervix. Douching is not healthy, ever. They should remove those products completely.
On another note, I hope you continue to have anal sex as it's pretty amazing once you get used to it.
dfromspencer responded:
I agree with both posters. You should never douche if possible, that just pushes anything you might have farther up.

You should allow up to a week for symptoms. Most diseases have a period of growth, and most, like the common cold, can take up to two weeks to manifest itself as a cold! Just be aware of anything not normal to you. Be aware of any off putting odors, also. They can also be a sign of something wrong.

I wish you good health, and continued safe anal sex!!!


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