An_253665 posted:
am i weird for wanting to eat ass, and smell it.
An_250150 responded:
yes, yes,yes
tlkittycat1968 responded:
No. Some people may say you are but there are even more extreme fetishes (think scat play and "water sports") and compared to those, yours is mild.
An_251564 responded:
My bf likes to kiss/ bite my ass and even lick it sometimes. He knows it turns me on for anal. I don't think it's that wired, if the person you're with is very hygenic.
Anon_16867 responded:
no..i had my ass eaten a few times and i love it..if that is what u like too do then u enjoy..i personal cant do that too no woman no matter how fine she is
sluggo45692 responded:
I call myself a "female anal erotic", because I love a woman's bottom. Large, small, dimpled, or firm it's all good to me. A woman's body is wonderful, but I really love her bottom. I'm lucky and very glad I have an understanding and wonderful gf.