Sex after a Heart Attack
An_253714 posted:
My husband had a heart attack 3yrs ago and has also developed diabetes he is 47 years old. We have not had sex since his heart attack and he says that it is because he is impotent. This this common and is there anything that I can do? I think he is embarrassed to talk to his doctor. .
An_250150 responded:
tell your husband to talk to his doctor about trimix injection. having diabetes he should not be afraid of needle. it really work.
georgiagail responded:
The impotence of diabetes is connected with nerve damage associated with this disease. It often takes a while for this to develop.

I suspect his claim of impotence may have more to do with his fear of damaging his heart further after his heart attack. If your husband can walk up a flight of stairs without chest pain, he can safely engage in sexual intercourse.