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sex over 30 with kids
An_253845 posted:
I am a 31 year old woman that is ok with not having sex, I want too. how do I make myself?
sluggo45692 responded:
You didn't put much out there, but let me give it a try. I'm thinking, married with more than one child. Working mom, Husband working, Kids running all over the place for school, sports, and events. By the end of the day, your wiped out and hubby wants some loving and all you want to do is roll over and sleep. OR

Your a single mom, with the same problems, but your lonely. You want a bf/partner, but your not in to the sex at this point and time. You think your not going to get a good partner unless you "put out".
If I'm close, here are some suggestions.

Take time for your partner and your self. Have family or friends take the kids for a night and tell your partner to get romantic. Most women want sex, but they need the romance and foreplay to want and enjoy sex. It can't just be wham, bam, thank you mam all the time. You need to tell you husband this.

Take a little time every day for yourself and add a little sexual gratification in there. Even if it's a few minutes in the shower stroking your self. A shower is not only a place to get clean. Get to know your body again. Your partner is not the only one who has permission to touch your body. YOU DO. Expose your inner womanhood to the spray of the warm water. Soap up you breast and nipples a little longer. Rub those places that feel good to rub. Enjoy some release and build up some sexual tension. Remind you body of all the pleasures of the flesh.

If your a single mom, the new friend has to know he's going to wait to "get any." You'll know when your ready. If he can't wait then he's not there for you. This is from a guy who's philosophy is "put out or get out." By the 3rd or 4th date, you should know if your ready to take the next step. I'm sure you don't want another child from a man who just wants in your pants.

Lastly, only have sex if you want it. Don't have sex because you might loss him. If he's a good catch, he'll understand you need time. If he's your husband and your not feeling it, then he needs to try harder. My opinion

If all else fails, see your doctor. It might be physical.
Good Luck

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