Burning during oral sex
An_254043 posted:
When my girlfriend and I started dating we were both virgins. When we have oral sex I feel a burning sensation in my mouth that really hurts. This has only happened the last two times we participated in this sexual act. I have had oral sex with her numerous times in the past. Her vagina smells different but not bad. Both her and I have noticed the change in smell. She has been worrying lately that she has had an infection. We have only been sexually active for about 3-5 months. We think that maybe the bacteria that has been going into her vagina from the past couple months from oral and vaginal sex could be the cause of the change in smell. She does not know about the burning sensation in my mouth yet. I can also slightly feel it on my fingers when I finger her. Is the pH balance off, making her vagina acidic? How can this be fixed? We don't really want to go to doctors yet because we are not comfortable telling our parents we are sexually active. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
georgiagail responded:
The vagina normally contains both yeast and bacteria which is why yeast and bacterial infections are fairly common even amongst those who are not sexually active.

If your girlfriend happens to notice a stronger "fishy" odor this typically indicates a bacterial infection and it's fixed with antibiotics.