Sperm in pre-cum?
An_241292 posted:
Ok this girl and I did things a while back and even though I know I did not ejaculate in her ,because I pulled out just as soon as I started to get a hint of the sensation and never even ended up ejaculating, and was showing signs of pregnancy but cleared up and had two negative pregnancy tests. I want to say that was mainly because of stress, but anyway after doing a lot of research, I had seen a lot of articles that said that pre-cum does not contain sperm, if the male has urinated since his last ejaculation, and I wanted to know if that was true or not. The majority of what I read said that if the male had urinated since his last ejaculation, the urine is so acidic that it would kill the sperm that was left in the urethra, and that the only purpose of the precum is to neutralize the acid from the urine to make safe travel for the sperm from ejaculation to travel. One of the articles that I read said that where most people get confused is that the male thinks he pulls out in time, but instead manages to get a few drops in before pulling out. Is this true, Im curious.
georgiagail responded:
If the male has urinated since his last ejaculation, he would not have any semen (containing sperm) left in his urethra.