overactive sex drive
An_254155 posted:
I'm 54 and my husband of 2 years is 65, he constantly want to have sex two to 3 time a day if he doesn't he get irritable. This is becoming uncomfortable for me sometimes I just want to relax. I want to ask him if he is on Viagra but don't want to hurt his feelings
stevesmw responded:
I am assuming this is a recent change. He probably is taking some new ed medication and he's enjoying playing with his new toy (his erection).

Given a choice I would want to make love as often as possible within reason and that would be determined by my partner. Getting irritable is just being a pig.

When he makes love is he trying to please you or just get off?
kramer1961 responded:
Its worth pointing out that you may have an underactive sex drive, but the point is, you may want to see this from his point of view and not just yours.

His irritation makes him sound whiny, but does he understand? Does he know how you feel? Do you know how he feels? Talk to him; he's supposed to be the one person in the world you CAN talk to about it.

It appears you have mismatched libidos. Its the most common complaint with sex. Make an effort to discuss viagra, his drive, yours, and anything you can do to meet in the middle.