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ARS symptoms and risk? (More detailed description. Risk assessment)
An_246781 posted:
How long do ARS symptoms last? And what's the most common HIV symptom(s) that most people do have/misdiagnose for something else? I've had penile-vaginal sex with two partners, one of which only had 1-2 partners before me (not in my town, had recently moved to my state) and another guy who has had sex with at least five other females. My town is very small and has a population of about 50,000+ and according to an article there's at least 1,000+ confirmed cases of HIV/AIDS. Am I being irrational? I mean I know that that's a small number compared to populace, but I'm scared. I've showed no symptoms. Nothing. Neither have the guys. With each partner, I've only been exposed to precum (if that. One of the guys had a low sperm count due to a childhood injury involving his testicles). We had sex on multiple occasions, most of the time with condoms (only once without and there was no release previous to or afterwards). The other guy (as stated in previous post) started with a condom, pulled out before release, then took condom off, washed genitalia and continued intercourse. Me and him had sex twice.
An_246781 responded:
Oh. And with the second guy, it was like two or three rounds. The first time, three-four rounds; two with condom, and one or two without (can't remember) and the second time 3 rounds, one with condom.
georgiagail replied to An_246781's response:
ARS is described as "flu like" in nature; beginning two to six weeks after transmission and lasting about two weeks.

fcl responded:
If you continue to practice risky sex (non-systematic use of a condom) with a person whose STD status you do not know you are playing Russian roulette with your health. Basing your risk factor on the per capita odds is all fine and well until you are the person who catches something (i.e. if the odds of catching an STD are 1/1000 that doesn't mean that you can have unprotected sex 999 times with no risk - you could be the 1000th person the very first time).

Low sperm count makes absolutely no difference to your risks.

By not using a condom every single time you have sex, you are exposing yourself to the risk of:

  • Chlamydia,
  • Gonorrhea,
  • Herpes,
  • PID,
  • Syphilis,
  • Trichomoniasis,
  • and any other STDs that do not require ejaculate to be present to be transmitted...
You say you have no symptoms (yet). The only way to know if you have caught anything is to go and get tested.
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
dfromspencer responded:
If you are worried, go get tested!!!

Good luck, you really are taking chances every time you have no protection! Make them wear a condom, who will it hurt?

The only one who gets hurt not using a condom, is you!!!

Good luck!!!


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