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Penis gets raw after sex
An_254385 posted:
Everytime me and the wife have sex, the area directly below the inner foreskin gets raw (sometimes bleeds a bit)and eventually my skin dries and falls off almost like a sunburn does...why only this area is what i'm asking and what could the cause be? it is very painful... (raw area is 1/4 inch in width and is on both sides and almost completely around my penis but worst on top)
My wife has diabetes and she gets dry very easily in her vagina, she also gets yeast infections so could that be the culprit or something else?
sluggo45692 responded:
What your describing is a simply "rug burn." Your rubbing your penis on a dry surface and pulling on the foreskin at the same time.

Your best fix is OTC lube. Since she's diabetic and is prone to infections, you'll have to find one that is ok for her to use. It's not that she doesn't want you or she's not excited. Women can just dry naturally. I know if my gf and have morning sex, I have to pull out the lube or I end up with a rub burn. Plus it hurts her.

Take your time and try different ones. I love trying out lubes on her. Don't just slap it on you and go to town. Get down there and rub it on and in her, then put it on yourself. Or have her rub it on you. Make it fun, not clinical. Tell her to let you know if you need add more. You may not get it where it needs to be on the first try. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. and Good Luck
stevesmw responded:
That is what happened to me from excessive masturbation and no lube when I was young.

I've always had a very sensitive penis and the less friction the better. I prefer a lot of lube even when my partner doesn't require as much. The only issue is finding the right lube for both of you. What works for you may irritate your partner.
dfromspencer responded:

What Sluggo, and Steve said!!!

Good luck!!!


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