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Masterbate at 40
An_254487 posted:
Well I'm a 44 year old (f) I have never play with my woohoo & I'm going to do it & see how it feels I have a sex toy it was a birthday gift 2 years old but it so big I'm scare to put that in my woohoo it may hurt I will get back to ya let you know how that turn out wish me luck....
Anon_475 responded:
So you want us to believe you're a 44 yo who still says "woohoo". Leave your mommy's computer alone, honey, and go to bed.
kramer1961 responded:
I'd ignore the snide remark about woohoo, although for the record it is a vagina. There is an old saying about vaginas; an exaggeration but it does have a point: it will stretch a mile before it tears an inch.

The key to getting that big boy inside is lubrication, so I suggest a good water based lube that can be obtained in any drugstore.

If you want to avoid publicity, you might want to order it online. You can then take the opportunity to get a vibrator or dildo that is more reasonably sized. You might also not want to overlook your fingers. Its the best way to start touching yourself before you go the full monty with a device.

Good Luck,
sluggo45692 responded:
From my point of view. A woman who uses a toy is a wonderful partner. Your exploring your sexuality and your body. To bad it took you so to try it, but I'm glad you are.
Here are some pointers from a man who has assisted a few women with their toys.
1. Make sure there are no sharp edges on it. The toy should be smooth and blunted. Factories try, but some times the molds aren't even.
2. Warm it up. Take a towel and wet it. Put it in the microwave for about a minute. Then wrap the towel around your toy. Then after it's warmed up, have fun. Warm up you lube by placing the tube in some warm water before hand.
3. Make sure your ready to use it. Play with yourself a little to get in the mood. If your not ready, it will make it difficult and unpleasureable.

Like Kramer said, use lube. If your toy is a little on the large size. Take your time. A man will play with you before going in. Your toy can't. Warmed up, lubed, and your in the mood. Pleasure awaits.

Good Luck
fcl responded:
As you say you've never masturbated before, I suggest you read "Sex for One" by Betty Dodson. I'm sure you'll find it interesting
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.

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