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Vaginal Fluid
hssweethearts71 posted:
My husband recently told me that when he performs oral sex on me that I sometimes have a different taste. He enjoys it, but said sometimes the flavor/taste is off, doesn't taste the same as before when he enjoyed the taste. I like him performing oral sex on me and don't want him to be discouraged. We talked about it and said it is not a fishy smell or some other odor I have in the area, it is the fluids I release when I am getting excited I guess. Does anyone know what to do in this situation? Is there certain types of foods you eat that would cause your vaginal fluids to taste differently or maybe something I can use during oral sex?
queston responded:
I have heard that drinking more water can help with this.

I have also heard that certain foods might make things worse--you may need to pay careful attention to what you have recently eaten when the taste seems "off."
eddiessexgoddess responded:
While it's true that certain foods can change your taste (unfortunately, foods that you're supposed to be eating - like broccoli & other cruciferous vegetables), it can also change just due to where you are in your monthly hormonal cycle.

There are flavored sex liquids you can buy at adult stores to use but I don't think those taste all that great (and who wants to be smelling/tasting fake strawberries during oral, anyhow?).
nohard responded:
Hi And yes what we eat does change the way not only vaginal juices but male sperm, you can do this by eating highly flavoured during the day, to please him, or in reverse him for you.
A nice way to please one another.
Good Luck
sluggo45692 responded:
Each day you can change flavor by everyday things. Foods, drink, stress, time of day, and cleanliness. I'm not saying your dirty. Scientist say food doesn't affect it. BS. Eat garlic or onion and I bet your skin will have the flavor. Like the other poster's stated, try different things to keep a good flavor. Remember, he's not complaining or threating to quit oral. Don't be ashamed or embarrassed if he talks to you about it. He's your husband and shoule be able to talk to you about anything. I had to break my gf of the habit of not telling me things. It's only communication and you should be able to communicate. Good Luck

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