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Question about UTI's
An_255080 posted:
I just went to the hospital and was diagnosed with a UTI two days ago..My boyfriend is blaming himself but he is now saying his chest is bothering him. He preformed oral on me a few days before I started showing symptoms ..He's now wondering if when he preformed oral whatever bacteria I had could have been transferred to him ? I'm also aware that oral could also have caused the uti to begin with.
georgiagail responded:
UTI's are depressingly common. One can't pinpoint oral sex as the cause of this (or ones chest bothering them either).

sluggo45692 responded:
Tell your bf to stop blaming himself. An UTI can be caused by a lot of things, not just oral sex. If that was the case, we, as human beings, would have constant UTI's. If the hospital diagnosed you with an UTI, then they did a culture to ensure the correct drugs to use.
If your bf is still having difficulty breathing, he needs to be seen for it. To may factors are involved to even start to say it was the oral sex.
After the treatments, go back to normal. I'm sure you and he are both enjoying oral. I know I & my gf do.

Good Luck
dfromspencer responded:
Yep, like the others say, oral alone may not be the case, I got a uti from drinking beer out of the bottle in Korea, so yea, you can get it from a lot of different sources, not just sex!

Your B.F.'s chest problem should be looked at by a Dr.?! He may just have a cold or flu coming on? It could be something he breathed in without knowing it? Have him go to the Dr.'s, just to be safe?!

Good luck you two!!!


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