"Shooting blanks"
53yearold posted:
"Shooting blanks" I'm a 53, who masturbates sometimes and nothing comes out. This happen about 5 days ago. I tried a couple of times and nothing....please help
queston responded:
Just to be clear, you experience an orgasm, but no ejaculation of semen?

Sounds like retrograde ejaculation. Try googling that topic.
dfromspencer responded:
I have done that a time or two myself. It is nothing to worry about, at least that is what the doc. told me?! I did it several times till it finally came back out, it took me about two weeks? Doctor was puzzled by this, but was unconcerned it was something bad, and it wasn't?!

Good luck, and by all means, google what Question said to try. It will help a lot!!! Good luck!

nohard responded:
Hi I was thinking retrograde ejectulation, now if you finding sperm in your urine then that is what is happening, if not then your have a problem.
You have not said but do you feel like your ejeculating, or are you getting no feelings at all?