Need help from anyone who has experienced herpes.
hilly123 posted:
Don't know if I have herpes???? I've heard you're always overcome with terrible symptoms during an outbreak. Is this always true. My urethra hurt like hell for a week, but no other symptoms exactly 2 months after possible exposure. I also had (have) a prickly feeling in the tip of the urethra and itching around. Now my new partner said she has itching down there and unusual discharge. Once, a number of months ago she complained of a painful pimple down there but no symptoms. The confusing part is I have tested negative (Igg) on 4 separate occasions over a two year period from possible exposure. Any input appreciated.
queston responded:
I don't know too much about herpes, there are other possible explanations. If she has itching and a discharge, it could simply be a yeast infection. When my wife was younger (before menopause), she got them from time to time, and I could actually tell sometimes before she could--I'd have the symptoms you described after intercourse.

If your partner hasn't had yeast infections before, she may not recognize one.

Of course, going to the doctor is always a good call if STDs might be involved.