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Suddenly interested in my dad's gf. I know this is wrong. How do I get rid of the sexual desire?
kgh91 posted:
My dad and his gf, Rita, just had a baby. I'm a 21 year old male, my dad is in his 50s and Rita is 28. She has a Master's degree in a science field, she's about 5'10", brunette, longer hair, kind of pale, very plain and natural. Never see her with makeup or anything like that. Straight hair, never changes, Julia Roberts-style white teeth. I have never once found myself being sexually attracted to her.

Days before she had the baby, my dad passed his 11th kidney stone, so it was a tough week for him and it was nice to see something good for him at the end of the week!

That's what makes what happened so worse. I later stumbled upon some photos that were taken in the delivery room. I saw the album on the computer, so I opened it up to look. I came across two photos that I'm not sure got mixed up or what, but one was taken from the side and Rita had her feet up in the stirrups pushing and the other one was taken after she gave birth and was holding the baby, but her legs were relaxed and her crotch was clearly visible. I mean, this woman has a bush like I've never seen before! I immediately became flushed and had to you know......! I'm both embarassed by this and jealous. I don't know any women that are natural down there and I wish I did. How do I get rid of this sexual desire for her? I can't get it out of my head.
georgiagail responded:
Find a girlfriend.

kgh91 replied to georgiagail's response:
I have one!
sluggo45692 responded:
Your a 21 year old male looking at a picture of a 28 year old woman's untrimmed bush. Your suppost to get aroused. Get over it. If you have a gf, have her stop trimming it up. You need to stop looking at her pictures and start looking more at your gf. Think of her as your buddy's gf/wife. Would you try to get between your buddy and his partner? This is your father's wife.

These lusty feelings will pass, just give them time. I've looked at my gf's daughter (she's 28) and have seen, by accident, her body parts. I get excited when I see young women's body parts. I just put those thoughts away. I want my relationship with my gf more. I'm sure you want your relationship with your father more than you want sex with his wife. It's like quitting smoking. Look at all the negative affects it has if you continue on that path of lust and sex. There is no good outcome.

Instead, congrads to your dad. New baby and married to a woman almost half his age. The baby is your sibling. Do you want to have sex with your brother/sister's mom? YUCK.

Good Luck
dfromspencer responded:
Every time that pops into your head, think of something that disgusts you? In other words, get it out of your head as quickly as possible! This is your FATHER'S G.F., soon to be YOUR brother or sisters MOMMIE! Get it out as soon as it comes in!

Never, ever allow yourself that thought, EVER again!!!

Hope that does it?

georgiagail replied to dfromspencer's response:
We often want what we can't have; we find such things extremely desirable.

This woman is "off base" to you and thus you lust after her all the more.

If you had her you'd soon find her (and her "bush") not quite so desirable.

kramer1961 responded:
Take a cold bath each day, and pray for forgiveness.

nohard responded:
Hi KGH, Best thing you can do now is just get away with your G/f, and have sex for 2 weeks, that should cure you.
But if its a nice thick bush that turns you on, then get your G/f to stop shaving if you can, but she might want to know just why after you have love the way she has been for as long as you have known her, might take a bit of answering?
Could also be best if you moved away from your father, may even be best to get as far away as possible, you need to clear your mind if this,
Well given you some choices.
Good Luck
barteeverts responded:
Imagine her taking a huge dump on the toilet. This worked for my crush

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