I can't pee and I'm peeing blood clots
An_255392 posted:
I have struggled with neurogenic voiding for many years (Can't "feel" my bladder and struggle to urinate on own without using a catheter).
I have managed by using single use self-lubricated catheters. Every test possible has been done and it's still just a mystery to my doctors. Every once in a while (usually if I'm in the hospital) the process of using a catheter to empty my bladder can irritate my urethra and causes a small amount of blood or just a lot of discomfort in my urethra.

Recently, while using a catheter, it just stopped even though I knew my bladder was not yet empty. The catheter had a fairly large blood clot. I used another catheter and it did empty my bladder. It showed signs of blood in my urine (color and when I wipe) and although I've seen it before, this was different. It was so much more blood and a deeper red -- and the "clotty"-ness is new.

Anatomically speaking, how would I even have a blood clot in my bladder in the first place??

One day I hope that someone is able to understand neurogenic voiding more than our medical community does now. And I am also hoping that I won't always have to be so dependent on catheters and setting a timer so I remember to pee and my bladder doesn't burst.

Blood in urine is not something I'm new to, but this most recent experience has re-ignited my desire to figure out WHY it happens and HOW to stop it.
The clot of blood that was in my catheter was very similar to what people experience with their periods from time to time. Because of that similarity, I feel compelled to also add that I have not had a period in nearly 4 years (I am 25). I haven't been on birth control in a very long time (that's usually the first question I'm asked). And I have no idea if I'm even ovulating. I thought these issues, bladder and no menstrual cycle, were independent, but since the clot, I'm curious if there is a connection...

someone please help? advice or similar anecdotes MUCH appreciated
dfromspencer responded:

Thanks for coming! Unfortunately, I don't have an answer for you, either?! I had a cousin that had the same problem, she never figured anything out before she died? No, not from this, a car accident. If I remember right, she said something about the catheter end, and how it might be scarring her urethra, and maybe her bladder itself? Thus causing the blood clots/blood in urine?

At this point, you know way more than I!!! I sincerely hope you find some way to empty out without a catheter!!!

georgiagail replied to dfromspencer's response:
As previously mentioned, you would likely have a blood clot from the catheter irritating either the urethra or (more likely) the bladder.

nohard responded:
Hi Look I found these to links, not to sure how much you know about your problem or how long you have had it. So please read on.
http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?term=%22Urinary Bladder, Neurogenic/therapy%22[MeSH Terms >
Is it possible you to have a permanent catheter put inside you, with a release valve, by doing this it would overcome some of your problems, and perhaps give you a better life style.
Is this any help.
Good Luck