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lack of sex
An_255404 posted:
I'm 28 woman and I'm affraid of my relationship with my partner collapses because I can't enjoy sex. I mean i realy want to have sex but somehow I doesn't feel the mood. Why is this happenning? Does love pills work in these cases like lovegra? I don't want to any psychologist or anything like this. I'm just asking for expereiences. Here is he description that I found on the web , please help.
nohard responded:
Hi Look before you go off buying what is female Viagra, have a look at DHEA for women you can google that, and tribulus for women, these work side by side and would be a lot cheaper, and these you just take on a daily basis, which would keep your motor running.

What these do, raise your testosterone levels up, kick up your libido and energy levels, so there you have a start.

The next thing is how is your sexual knowledge with men, its what we know that gives us pleasure in bed or any other room you want to have sex in, have a look on www, what your find on there should open up your eyes to a better sex life, whether it come to masturbation self or mutual, how to orgasm either by yourself or with your man.

How are you on the use of sex oils for that bit of extra lubrication, it does help, in having sex, makes thing go very easy.
Do hope there is something here to help you.
Good Luck
fcl responded:
Do you enjoy sex when you actually have it? If so, then why not just do it whether or not you're in the mood beforehand or not? After all, if it's fun once you're into it just tell yourself that getting started is just a hurdle.

Another question - are you getting enough foreplay to turn you on or is your partner just wanting to go straught to intercourse?
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
dfromspencer responded:
If its like you say, why not have your Bf. give you lots and lots of foreplay? You say you really want to have sex, just that you don't enjoy it? It may be because your Bf. doesn't know how to turn you on???

This sounds a lot like your Bf. just doesn't know how to make love to you? He needs to learn the art of turning a woman on??? I think you better have your Bf. learn some new moves?

Good luck, and good sex!!!


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