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Small tears on penis
waruiko posted:
After sex (during sex) I always get small tears under the head of the penis on the left side sometimes they sting when I wash it with water and it takes a 2 or 3 days to go away but if I have sex they come back, i've been using lubrication lately to reduce the friction but I still get them... please can anyone help me to get rid of this issue because is making sex unpleasureable for me.. (I am uncircumsized ).
nohard responded:
Hi, This part of the penis often tears. It's the bit called the 'string' or 'fraenulum'. Fortunately, the tears usually heal up.For the moment, your boyfriend should put a blob of a thick lubricant such as Vaseline on that area just before sex. BUT a word of warning: Vaseline can make holes in condoms.
However, if he keeps on bleeding, you should ask your GP to send you to a urological surgeon (a urologist). The surgeon will probably put in some stitches, so as to cure the problem.
Don't worry - this is a common and very minor operation.
But in the mean time get some sea salt wash with this twice a day, this will help clean and heal, using sea salt water may just help strengthen your skin, after its heal do it as before, twice daily, don't dry it let it drip dry.
Do hope this help's you problem.
Good Luck
fcl responded:
It sounds very much as if you have a yeast infection. Try using the same OTC treatment that a woman would use for yeast infections and stop having sex until it heals completely. It would also be a good idea for your partner to get treated too to stop you from passing it to and fro forever
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
waruiko replied to fcl's response:
I will buy a OTC yeast treatment for woman and try that see how it works out. Thank you hope this helps.
waruiko replied to nohard's response:
I will try a OTC yeast treatment for a week and afterwards I will continue to wash as you said twice a day with sea salt.Thank you.
dfromspencer replied to waruiko's response:

Both posters have great idea's, but, I still think you should see your primary care physician? Just in case, you know? He may have another solution for you to try?

I hope you find the cure!!!

nohard replied to waruiko's response:
Hi Its not a yeast infection, its just a weakness of you skin, if it keeps happening like you say see a urologist and get it stitched, would be the best way for you to go.
Just google tears in penis, for more help.
Good Luck

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