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I have an idea. ..
bigred53 posted:
I would like all of us to continue to come here and post our experiences and suggestions to those in need of help. What we need to remember is that we are all different, with different experiences and opinions. These differences don't make our suggestions wrong. It is up to the person seeking help to decide for themselves whether or not to take the advice that is offered with the best of intentions.

We must stop the criticisms of others. Nobody here is perfect with perfect knowledge. I freely admit that I don't know everything but I do have a lot of personal experience and knowledge from doing research about things that are of interest to me. I have always been willing to share with the unspoken caveat that it is only my opinion and experiences.

People can we please be adults here. Those in need are not going to post if they become aware of all this childish behavior that has been occurring here lately. I am ashamed of the part I have played and will not allow myself to be drawn into it further.

Let's try to help not fight.

nohard responded:
Hi Michelle, Behind you all the way, but just how many others think like you, and me.

So please just stop putting down answers, full stop.

I do work on another part of WebMD, never get any problems, I think I have over 2500 answers, never had any back chat or put down like on here.

In future if you think I'm wrong show how with facts, that would be the best way.

Good Luck Folks.
bigred53 replied to nohard's response:
Thank you for the support nowhard. I was greatly saddened by the level to which we all descended. I include myself as I feel I contributed to all of the rancor that got progressively worse. It is a shame that we allowed that to happen.

I hope we can get back to being civil to each other and offer encouragement and advice to those in need.

Thanks again!

billnjenn replied to bigred53's response:
Glad to read the attacks will stop. One can disagree or even prove someone else wrong without people getting offended and find the need to attack.

Hopefully this will lead to people learning from one another and presenting real information that is helpful.
ttrem responded:
Guess I missed the drama and I'm glad. I come here and to other forums for advice, help, understanding. Not judgement and criticism. I need for this to be a safe place to come just like everyone else. I hope that happens again here.

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