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Strong odor during sex
An_255926 posted:
My boyfriend has recently started complaining of a strong odor coming from me when we have sex. What could cause this? I already went and tested for STDs and I am clean so I am not sure what the cause is. He says the smell is only there when I am excited.
georgiagail responded:
One would guess this has something to do with the fluids you produce during arousal. They can have an odor although this is typically not strong or offensive.

Keep in mind that the vagina is not a sterile area, containing both bacteria and yeast normally.

nohard responded:
Hi Is he saying this before or after your have sex, if its after it could just the way ( if you on BC and don't use condoms), his sperm reacts with your vaginal juices, there can be a reaction sometimes, hence he can smell an odour.

Any help or just need more info.

Good Luck
concernedwoman replied to nohard's response:
He says that the odor occurs during sex.
nohard replied to concernedwoman's response:
Hi As you can see from the bottom borrow this from them as a way for you to go, was doing some research for you, into odours, this may be away for to find out just what's going on with this odour that your b/f keeps going on about.
Has he said its all the time or just certain times of the month?

From net doctor.
You don't say that you have noticed any bad smell. So there may not really be one. Nevertheless, my advice to you is to ring up the genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinic at your nearest large hospital. Make an appointment with them for a good check-up.
They will willingly do tests to see if there is anything wrong with your vagina - like an infection. Certainly, some infections — which are called 'anaerobic' ones — do create an offensive odour.

Read more:

Do hope this helps, as it would clear the air between you and your b/f.

Good Luck

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