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    What am I doing wrong?
    An_256272 posted:
    My wife and I never sex till we got married. Now it seems I take half an hour to an hour just to come inside of her. Sometimes I don't succeed at all. Most of the problem is I don't feel anything and so I tend to lose erection but sometimes I keep it but it is off and on to the point sometimes I just have to give up. I can take care of her but me I tend to have problems. We want to have kids but with this issue that may not be possible. I'm a U.S. citizen living in Kenya with Kenyan wife. Resources here to help solve this problem is very limited (basically nonexistent). What can I do?
    nohard responded:
    Hi Before you married did you masturbate? was this with a very tight grip? if yes then it stems from there, the vagina cant grip as tight as you have been when masturbating.
    OK this can be overcome, but it will take time, you just need to re-educate your penis, and the way for you to do this is to start masturbating with a feather light touch, but use some oil when your masturbating, and slowly things will reverse.
    You will know when your ready, then you can enjoy a good sex life.
    Hope you understand what I mean.
    Good Luck
    georgemed222 responded:
    There are a couple of approaches to try, and recommend using them both: (1) take the time to recreate the feeling of your wife's vagina externally (either using your hands or materials that remind you of the texture and tightness of her vagina). Masturbate in this way, paying attention to how you need to alter your own positions in order to maintain stimulation. At the same time, (2) regularly use a top drawer penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) and make sure it includes acetyl Lcarnitine. This ingredient is neuroprotective and for many men can help with issues related to penis sensitivity. Good luck — I hope these help!
    billnjenn responded:
    First eliminate age and medications from a possible issue. Have started new meds? Are you at an age when sexual issues typically begin? Do you have trouble ejaculating by masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, her manual stimulating you?
    Next you say you and your wife never had sex before marriage. Were you a virgin? If not did you have these issues with previous partners.
    Do you try various positions? Some positions allow her to put more of a grip on your penis.
    The issue of having kids and having pleasure can be separated if procreation is your main goal. That is not a difficult problem to resolve.
    If you could give us more information we can try to help.
    pcbjcb responded:
    Asante (thank you) for the replies. I will try to find something like man1 man oil. Man1 man oil company doesn't ship to Kenya because of shipping issues. I hope it is because of sensitivity issues. I will post again if it is not or say it is working.
    nohard replied to pcbjcb's response:
    Hi when it comes to oil, there's baby oil, olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil all very good for your penis, and far cheaper than some expensive ponced up oil.
    Good Luck
    kramer1961 replied to nohard's response:
    I must say nohard, I'd never thought of using a cooking Its funny, but I suppose it must work. Now you're cooking!

    nohard replied to kramer1961's response:
    Hi Kramer, Try this for as link, may make lol go down even .
    Good Luck

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