I've mastered giving myself the squirting orgasm, but think I'm having them in my sleep, too!
xolomom posted:
I have woken up a couple times in the last couple weeks with a wet spot in bed and my panties completely soaked! When I masterbation and have a female ejaculating orgasm the fluid has a specific smell, and this nighttime fluid has the same scent. I am just wondering if this is normal!?!
mogarmanhunter responded:
Ive been told and have read that the fluid in female orgasm fluid is composed of a few different things. But urine is one of them so its still pea. So yeah I would wash my sheets
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Yes, it's normal for women to ejaculate. Some women can and some can't.

Since it comes from the urethra, there may be traces of urine in it but other than that, it's similar to men's semen.
nohard replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
Hi, To you and mogarmanhunter, you really must see women squirt, have a look round xhamster, your find some on there, the squirt comes from glands inside the vagina, its quite good to watch if you have never seen it before, and comes out with some force.
Some women love the taste of the own juices, there seems to be a problem of claims to just what it is.
But some women can and some cant just like women and orgasms.
But tell you something Kittycat, its not anything like semen.
Good Luck
nohard responded:
Hi just go to www.dodsonandross.com have look and read on the female ejaculation, your find it down the left hand side, your find that there is lots to read.
All very interesting, and yes its quite normal for some females to ejaculate, your find it does smell different and your b/f will tell you it tastes different.
Good Luck
tlkittycat1968 replied to nohard's response:
I don't know about coming out with some force because mine doesn't. It felt like I was peeing but it was during a strong orgasm so I knew I wasn't (thanks to WebMD).