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Help me understand !
lovemyladyalways posted:
This dummy does not know the first thing about how to take
care of my wife in pleasing her since her early stages of the
beginning of menopause. I have read that intercourse is
sometimes painful because of vaginal dryness. Is it better to
avoid penetration ? Will oral sex help in any way ?
What are some of the best ways to give loving comfort ?
Any helpful ideas are surely welcome. Thank You !
fcl responded:
First of all, don't make assumptions - talk to her to find out how she feels about sex. Secondly, here's a link to some really good all-round information:

There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
nohard responded:
Hi sex and vaginal dryness, have you thought of lubrication, you can get water based sex oil, there's baby oil and olive oil, these are ok as long as your wife gets no reaction to either.

Its god you have thought of oral sex and why your doing that she could use a vibrator on her clitoris, she would get some great orgasms.

She may find that these would help with her pre-menopause problems

I do suggest you go to on there is a section on the menopause and sex and the over 50's, you both may find lots of help, some from Dr Betty Dodson and more form posters, remember all kinds of info does help.

Has your wife been complaining of sex that hurts, have you tied to find sex positions that does not hurt or is it just the dryness? well good lubrication will help there.

But why your on Dodson and ross have a good look round both of you, read it together, you should find other things that may help you both, just remember any problems, post to Dr Betty Dodson, and yes she does reply, may take a couple of days.

Do hope something here helps you both, and don't forget let the wife read this as well.

Good Luck
nohard responded:
Hi Do get your wife to have a look on this site, its already set for the menopause, she may find some help.

Hope it helps, you and your wife.

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