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Sex Position pillows
Anon_176451 posted:
My husband and I are having difficulty with using an ordinary pillow under my hips for the missionary position. The sex position pillows I've seen are very expensive though. Can the wedge pillows used to elevate one's knees be used instead?
An_256614 responded:
my wife and I use the animal pillows from Bass-Pro. A trout about 4 feet in length and a turtle about 2.5 feet in dia. Work great think we $15each a couple of years ago
nohard responded:
Hi I would try anything you think will do the job, if you cant afford the ones somebody is trying to sell you forget them.
But have you thought of being adventurous, and try another way to have sex, these so many positions you could try, and the thing is you would not need pillows, and could be so much more fun.
This may help you get going, its like everything you wanted to know about sex, and may been afraid to ask, your find a whole section on positions, masturbation orgasms and how to, oral sex and so much more.
I do hope this helps you both.
Good Luck
sluggo45692 responded:
Remember, add a fancy name to anything and increase the price. "Sex position pillows" are nothing new. Look for a look-a-like pillow at a department store or furniture store. Even a couple of throw pillows can help elevate her to the proper height. I know the work wonder for my knees, but don't get the ones with the buttons. They leave marks and can bruise.
No matter what, use something that is comfortable and works. Even a rolled/folded up blanket can work. Don't worry about messing them up either, because they all will fit in a washing machine.

Good Luck
fcl replied to sluggo45692's response:
When I was pregnant, one of my best investments (ever) was a "Big Flopsy" nursing pillow. I never imagined it would lend itself to so many other uses
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.

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