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Young and bored with my sex life! Help?
An_256880 posted:
I am 22 and have been with my guy for 3 1/2 years. He is the only man I have ever been with. He waited a year for me, and that was wonderful of him. But I find our sex life so boring!! I try to spice things up, and be spontaneous all the time, but he refuses to do anything new! We do the same positions ALL THE TIME. Its on the bed EVERY TIME. Never anything exciting. And that's when we actually are doing it, because he is always too tired. He doesn't like to kiss. I don't think I've ever even..,"came". The way my friends talk about sex is not how I feel when I'm with him. There's no passion, no fireworks. I I love him and he is great in every other aspect but this. I don't know what to do. I don't want to let him and all of his good qualities go, but I cant Imagine living my life not knowing true passion. If its boring now, how will it be later??!! Any advice? HELP!!!!!
An_256883 responded:
Hi miss,

I guess I am your guy 10 years later, with whom you broke up because of that and because of getting tottaly paranoid.

Decided to intervene, first to assure you are right to break up because of that. Even with girls for one or two times, I could make them come, even being boring to that girlfriend when I was 20.

After this 10 years found some reasons for boredom - masturbation and drugs (sometimes even caffeine or tea can be enough to make you feel bored). But, masturbation is indeed the most important reason. You spend all your libido with it, and nothing seems too interesting. I would even ask if that is the reason why you do not come while in intercourse?

Because I am always wrong, but for many people quite correct, I guess that if you want to give a chance to that loser, then you should take the lead about it. And asking him politely that you want sex in the car, or in the public garden. Or in a church.

Then, if he does not kiss you, it is because or you told him not to, or he treats you like a prostitute. Only prostitutes ask men not to kiss.

My advice is break up! Make him suffer!
stevesmw responded:
Passion and fireworks are optional. Spicing things up and position may not improve things. There is a large component of mechanics. He needs to learn how to give you an orgasm and if you can't guide him, some reading is in order.

If he sees you orgasming (not faking) It might get his motor running.

He's bored because you aren't responding and doesn't know what to do.
sluggo45692 responded:
Hello young lady,

It's not your job to just lay there and play catch. He has to give you some prep work and some other things than the same old wham bam thank you mam.
Obviously if he won't kiss your exposed lips, he hasn't kiss your hidden lips. A good french kiss on the right spot will make you "cum" and I could steal a lot of my old buddy's girls if they didn't kiss the flower.
In the posting on this site, there is a couple of web sites noted for there teaching aspect for sex. Look through them and find those sites. It's not porn, it's actually educational.
In a relationship there is alway 2 sides and 2 people involved. He may not know what to do. He's your first and you may be his first. Same position maybe all he knows, but only he can learn it for himself. He should learn for you. If he doesn't, it's what you have to live with.

Good Luck

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