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hallo123 posted:
I am 18 years old and as of the last 6 months I have experienced numbness/lack of sensation in my penis. I will admit I jacked it every day since I was about 13 which now I look back on as wrong. Lately, I cannot rarely feel and orgasm at all and I do not have any feeling on the skin on the shaft of my penis. I did not use lube and I am.circumcised. I did not grip my penis and only used two fingers so i cannot fathom why the skin is not having sensation on it. The problem I have developed lately is lack of an orgasm and numbing of internal feeling in the penis. It seems numb because I still can feel in the spot if ilress hard enough but it is numbed interanlly for sure. I am thinking that just leaving it alone and keeping it more moistised with vitimen E will help over time? If you can help me out and give advice I would much appreciate it! This is really scary for me and it is a huge wake up call to leanr self-control.amd better habits. .
stevesmw responded:
There is nothing wrong with masturbation. I started to lose sensitivity in my penis somewhere after age 65. I've masturbated a lot my entire life and consider it very healthy . I do strongly recommend lube.
The best thing to do would to leave it alone for a week and then handle it very gently and just focus on sensation to see how much has returned. If there isn't any improvement I would recommend seeing a urologist although I don't have a lot of confidence in their knowledge or experience with your problem. For people my age they say it's part of the aging process. At your age, if it isn't medication or stress something is seriously wrong. There is a lot of information on the internet so start searching.
nohard responded:
Hi OK from what your saying its not over masturbation, unless your not telling the whole story, but for me and I have done some work with guys who have done over masturbation.

I would take an 8 week break this will give your body and penis a chance to reboot.

As men we do have to keep in mind, that when we are born it comes as a set, us, our penis and a set of testicles, break any of the last two, sorry you just don't get a replacement, its that simple.

So look after it cherish it, oil it, pamper it, wash it daily or twice daily,

So take the break, it wont hurt you, it may help heal any problems.

Your know if things are well, if you feel them, nocturnal erections, and morning woods, tell us things are well, its also a way of telling you, you don't have ED, keep that at the back of your mind.

Oil your penis daily, even if its just baby oil, it will do.

Keep well, keep hard.

Good Luck
chavez9 replied to nohard's response:
Show me how to use this chat room
kramer1961 replied to chavez9's response:
Hallo123, There is nothing normal about your symptoms. I've never heard of it as a result of too much masturbation.

I recommend you see a doctor and soon. I know its not going to be much fun to talk about, but something is going on and you need to find out. A lot is at stake.