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    An_257719 posted:
    georgiagail responded:

    nohard responded:
    Hi So your the one then, the only man who dose want ED.

    So why? trying to give up your sex life then?

    The rest of us fight it so we don't give up our sex lives.

    Well all I can say then it yours, you can have it, welcome to the world of ED, may you never get another erection.

    All you need to do is add some bromide in a hot drink once a day and your away, good bye erections.

    I would just love to say good luck, but I wont.
    An_257414 responded:
    Cut the tool and you'll be impotent forever!!!
    apar71 replied to An_257414's response:
    One can still live after that?
    Can this be operated upon?

    Any suggestions on how this may be done?

    tlkittycat1968 replied to apar71's response:
    I don't think An_257414 was being serious. There is no ethical doctor who will do that.

    The important question is why do you want to become impotent?
    apar71 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
    want to punish myself for passing on STD to my spouse.
    This is the only way that I would never repeat this again
    Anon_475 replied to apar71's response:
    No, there is another solution. Divorce her and set her free.
    Anon_134193 replied to apar71's response:
    apar71, I see that you are hurting. I see that you want to make this better but can't. Losing your ability to have sex won't take away her disease. If you stay married to her, pay her doctor bills so she can be well and apologize to her every day.

    If you are serious about wanting to become impotent, purchase a good long term chastity device and keep it on 24/7. Give her the keys. Keep the area clean in the shower and watch for chafing and such, but after a while your skin will lose its elasticity, your body will get used to no sex, and you will not have to worry about your troublesome erections.

    Alternatively, seek advice from a good counselor so you can get out of this trap of self punishment. Self punishment doesn't solve anything at all, it just puts you in servitude.
    stevesmw replied to Anon_134193's response:
    Erections are very much impacted by thoughts. A sexual situation has a bigger impact on my erection than Viagra.

    There is nothing wrong with erections, it's what you choose to do with them.

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