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Having some womanly issues. Please help ):
An_257746 posted:
Hi. I am 19 years old, pregnant female. (25 weeks pregnant) and I am sexually active. I have been experiencing a feminine issue for the past 3 or 4 days. The area around my clitoris is very swollen and feels chafed, and sore to the touch. The skin is also a whitish color rather than pink like normal. Occasionally it is itchy. I asked my doctor 2 days ago and she took a look and decide to run some bloodwork on me. Other than that she really didn't give me much info other than to stop washing myself down there with body wash. So I bought some ph balanced feminine wash and some wipes that are supposed to stop the itch and burn. They have helped minimally in the past two days. Also, when I urinate, at the very end when my bladder is emptied I feel a throbbing pain in my vagina/clitoris. I need some answers. Please help!
georgiagail replied to nohard's response:
No back biting. Simply ignore nohard's suggestions regarding "homeremedies". He often suffers from "foot in mouth"disease and lacks common sense. One would suggest sticking garlic cloves up your vagina when pregnant might not be the smartest suggestion in terms of curing what might be a yeast infection.

It does sound a bit like a yeast infection (one is often prone to these while pregnant) although (I'm assuming) you are still waiting for the results of the blood work. Again, before you consider any other over the counter treatments for such things as a yeast infection, check with your OBGYN to make sure these are safe to use while pregnant.

Anon_21189 responded:
Hi, first thing I would suggest is to stop putting stuff on your vagina to clean it!! Just run water and wipe with a rag. I remember being afraid to not use something down there, but after dealing with what you're going through a few times I finally stopped using anything and don't have that problem anymore. I used to use dove soap (not even very much) and did so for years before my body said 'no more'! And yes my vagina is clean and smells wonderful:)

Also if you're concerned it may be a yeast infection or just need some relief THE BEST remedy I've ever found is Plain yogurt! Not vanilla. Plain. Apply directly to the affected area - instant relief! It relieves the itching and throbbing, and when I have a yeast infection I put it in tampon containers and store in the fridge or freezer and insert into the vagina.

Of course ask your doctor about it since your pregnant. But if all they have to say is it sounds crazy but isn't dangerous then absolutely TRY IT! You won't be sorry!

Hope you feel better soon!

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