I'm scared about HIV
forensicsfreak posted:
Ok so I'm a virgin so this scares me a lot... I recently met this wonderful guy.. so we made out a lot... and my wisdom youth's been bothering me for a while now.. during makeout I started bleeding, I know you can't contract HIV through kissing, but I'm really freaking out.. should I get tested just to have a piece of mind??? I have an anxiety disorder which makes me very paranoid... I'm freaking out so bad.. so if anyone could give me some advice please thank you!!!!
georgiagail responded:
Does this wonderful guy have HIV? If not, he cannot, of course, infect anyone.

The issue is not that you were bleeding but rather was he during this kissing business.

HIV requires a partner who carries the virus (of course), contact with their bodily fluids that would contain this virus (blood, sexual fluids) AND an open source into your body. In other words, even if he were HIV positive, the fact that you were the only one bleeding would not transmit the virus to you during this kissing (saliva would not contain the virus in an infected individual).

I hope this makes sense.

willoconner responded:
Perfectly said Gail! Saliva would not contain the virus in an infected individual so there's no reason to freak out, nor there is any reason to get tested.
nohard responded:
Hi Look if your really worried about what happened and what could happen just go get tested, STD/GUM Clinics are there just for that purpose, it would take the strain out of your life.
Below are two links from WebMD, give them a good read as well.

http://www.webmd.com/hiv-aids/top-10-myths-misconceptions-about-hiv-aids?ecd=wnl_men_080913&ctr=wnl-men-080913_ld-stry&mb =


Do hope this helps you.

Good Luck
georgiagail replied to nohard's response:
There is no need to get tested. There was no risk from this event.