Having spontanous Orgasms after i had Gall bladder surgery
An_257976 posted:
  • dont know if this is the reason.im 56 female have not had sexual inter.for 11 yrs.ihad my gall bladder removed after i did at 730 8pm i have orgasms with out thinking of sex.of any kind.they are not enjoyable.i know when detoxing from methadone.or different drugs will do this in my case no .its not i had a hysterectomy when i was 28. i do not take hormoness.was told i have a small nodule on my thyroid.help someone im really depresssed.
nohard responded:
Hi Have good read of this link, it should help you and help you understand more about it.

The link, http://www.psas.nl/en/doktoren.asp

Do hope this helps you.

Good Luck