Anal Stretching/blister/mystery
faenrie posted:
I am a male who's been masturbating anally for years. Of course I've taken a great deal of safety precautions and I lubricate every time. In the past few months I've been using a larger dildo for this purpose. Everything has gone fine until a few days ago. I used a bit less lube. The next day I found something on my outer sphincter that is inconsistent with anything I've found. It isn't an STD, skin tab, hemorrhoid, or fissure.
It is sore, is firm to the touch, and slightly swollen. It seems a bit like a blister from the friction and I'm hoping that is what it is, but it doesn't seem to be going away several days later. The color matches the surrounding skin. It's not red or pale. I was hoping for some insight.
nohard responded:
Hi If it is a blister, then just leave well alone, let it go down on its own, and leave of the anal masturbating till it clears up.
In future just use lots of lub and restart with the small one and work back up.
Good Luck
faenrie replied to nohard's response:
I'll give it a week to see if it'll heal on its own, then report back if it's still there.