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he hitting my breast violently
carlla posted:
my boyfriend find his pleasure when he hitting my breast violently during the sex
its painful ... Is exposing breast beaten badly affect on my breast health?
Anon_134193 responded:
Definitely! It can affect your milk glands and other important structures. Call the police, tell them you are being abused, and get a restraining order against him. His behavior is NOT okay. Sex should not involve injury. If it involves pain, it has to be with the consent of both parties beforehand with clear limits set. If he is hitting you like this, he is showing you disrespect. He is not being a boyfriend but an abuser.

Please, have some self respect and leave him. You do not need someone who beats you. You are worth more than that. You are a precious, beautiful being and you are worth as much as anyone else.
carlla replied to Anon_134193's response:
it's easy to say leave him but hard to do .. i'm in love with him and i live in his apartment plus i don't have a job to live alone by my self
georgiagail replied to carlla's response:
Have you actually told him how painful all of this is to you?

If so and he continues to do it, the heck with you being in love with him. Find a job, another place to live and dump this guy.

carlla replied to georgiagail's response:
He knows it hurts me but he ignores it ...
This behavior did not exist before
I do not have enough courage to leave him and my confidence is low
I just want to assure the health of the breast as a result of this act
Please I want to assure
sluggo45692 replied to carlla's response:
Abuse is abuse is abuse. There is no grey areas. If you tell him to stop and it's hurting you, it abuse. It's only okay if both parties want it. Your not a masochistic and you don't want the pain. If he hurts you, he doesn't love you. Your breast are not his punching bags.

As stated before, the trauma and brusing can affect your milk production later with children, increase your chances for cancer, or may even lead to the loss of them. It also can cause hard spots (Keloids) and loss of sensation in them.

Be safe and good luck
fcl replied to carlla's response:

He knows it hurts you but ignores it? Seriously? Go to you nearest women's shelter and start looking for a job.
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
rohvannyn responded:
We can't assure you of the health of your breast because he is damaging you and that will hurt your breast. I'm pretty concerned that your main worry is about your breast health. You as a person are worth more than that. Please, find some support if you can. You need to find courage. You are stronger than you think you are. Please, get some help before he hurts you worse or even kills you.

Love is NOT worth being hurt.
carlla replied to rohvannyn's response:
I swear that my nipples hurting me right now at this moment

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