Anal Sex
mandalin882002 posted:
Please help me!! Ive had anal sex once or twice and I dreaded it! It hurt so bad. Everytime I try to do it, it starts hurting and I make him stop. I know guys like this and I really really want to be able to do this with no problem. It hurts me and I feel like having a BM and I really dont want that to happen. It even hurts with "Anal Ease" and lube. Does anybody have any tips that they use. I just want to be able to get rid of the pain and enjoy it without hesitating.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
My advice is if it hurts even after using plenty of lube, then don't do it. Not every guy has to have it, heck there are some guyes who never want to do it. If you're bound and determined to do it, some advice is to go slow. Start out with your SO inserting a finger in your anus. When that feels comfortable, have him insert two. Gradually work up to three or four finger. Another option is to use dildos in gradually increasing diameters. If you chose that option, be sure to use the dildos that are meant for anal use that have a flared or wide base. I'm pretty sure you don't want to "lose" a dildo in your anus and then have to go to the emergency room.
FCL responded:
Lots of lube (use more than you think you need), take it slow (REALLY slow), make sure that b you're the one who's in charge of penetration and, as strange as this may seem push out as he pushes in...yes, as if you were having a bm. You'll be surprised at the difference it makes.
texgirl27 responded:
what I do that helps is use "lots" of lube and to relax. But most important is that, I found after talking to some friends, that anal sex isn't for every one. Are you doing this to make him happy or do you think this is something you'll enjoy once the pain stops? if its just for him perhaps you should find something else to do that he likes. if its something that you really think you'll enjoy then just keep at it and start really slow with "lots" of lube. "try K.Y. jelly. its not very sexy but it lasts longer that the liquids.
UClatino responded:
I suggest getting the anal ease and start by using fingers, toys, a butt plug to get you to stretch out a little. from my experience you should be doggy and have your BF put the head first and you Have to be in control of it... you push yourself back and stop when it feels uncomfortable. Then take it slow and keep doing it till you get to the base. Once you get there relax and let ur body get use to the sensation then the pain will go away. Keep doing that a couple times when you have sex that way your BF sees your effort and you are in control of it. Hope my advice helps... good luck Maybe some baby orajel will help numb you for a bit. :wink:
robbog responded:
DO NOT USE ANAL-EZE or Orajel in your anus. Pain is nature's way of telling you that something is wrong. Numbing the pain just gives use the chance that an anal fissure may occur. You do NOT want that. Anal sex shouldn't be painful. Warm up using plenty of lube, fingers, quality butt plugs. Push OUT when things are trying to enter. It's sounds backward but it opens up the sphincter to allow easier penetration. I would also listen to the following podcasts: