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are male chastity devices harmful?
lawyerguy101 posted:
I'm a 27yo healthy guy. My girlfriend and I like to play around with bondage from time to time and she was really into the idea of having me wear a chastity device on my penis -- the type consisting of a hard plastic cage that fits snugly around the penis, curved downward, and connected to a ring that fits around the base, behind your balls. since it's curved down, it keeps you from getting an erection unless you unlock it with a key. My girlfriend thinks it would be hot to be able to control when I can get hard and have an orgasm.

Anyway, I'm really into the idea, but before I wear one of these devices for an extended amount of time (as in days at a time possibly), I want to make sure it won't cause impotence long-term or any other damage to my penis.

Can anyone help? It seems like it would be pretty harmless, but I could see where it might cause problems if your penis is straining to have an erection but is restrained.

4oSomething responded:
I have no experience with chastity devices whatsoever, but it doesn't sound very pleasant to me, and what if you do get aroused? it can not physically stop your penis from filling with blood can it? seems like a bent down erection could do some damage. also you get erect anyway during your sleep, erections tend to occur every 90 minutes or so. so what will happen to you then? or will you be taking this off for sleeping? seems like it could cause circulatory issues and pain.
Cat78fish responded:
I would ask your girlfriend if she expects you to wear it overnight otherwise you would be in a world of hurt if you still tend to wake up with morning erections. I just can't imagine any man wanting to wear a contraption for days at a time.

LoveMyIssues responded:
First, lawyerguy, the device you describe is NOT going to keep you from getting an erection. It's also not going to give her control of when you can get an erection or have an orgasm. It's just going to (painfully) restrict your penis being able to stand up straight. That's all. I suppose it will enforce chastity in that you couldn't be felated or couple with that cage on...

In the near term, the "plastic cage" is going to leave cage-bar marks on your unit. Will it cause permanent damage? That's beyond our expertise on this board. Ask a urologist. Unless someone can post personal experience (which I doubt)...
LoveYorkies responded:
I have no advice, but I'm wondering how are you supposed to urinate if you are keeping this on for days at a time?

Other than that I agree with the PPers
Vivid124 responded:
I've wondered about this myself before. I'd recommend posing your question on a more specialized forum that may have more users who have bdsm experience (just googling, popped up and it seems to be a relatively active forum, I can't attest to the helpfulness though since I haven't read it). You could also consider going to or phoning a sex shop where chastity devices are sold, and ask the people who run shop for their insight--they're usually pretty knowledgeable about the products and how they are used and risks involved, or they could point you to someone who would know better. They probably know people in the BDSM community in your area who run demos, etc who would be a good resource.

That said, I doubt there is much to worry about. I've read quite a few reviews of these before (like on websites where they are sold, customer reviews), and I don't think I read any in which the guy reported problems besides occasional chafing due to maybe a poorly manufactured one or a less-than-optimal fit. They seem to get rave reviews from guys who are into the idea generally and try it out. It's good you are researching it beforehand so you can be more confident that it is safe though.
FCL responded:
To add to what Vivid124 said, you might try the forums on Bondage dot com... You're pretty sure to get an answer there.

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